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1. For individual subscribers create an account here using a valid email address.

2. You will be emailed instructions to activate your account

3. Once you have activated your account , peruse the available courses and read the description for each course to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

4. When you are happy with your choice simply click on the paypal button and you will have instant access to your course.

5. You will have access to your course for upto 60 days, after which time the course will expire and be removed from your account.

6. You can log in and log out as many times as you like within the 60 day time limit for the course you have purchased.However please also note that due to software and learning management systems limitations you will not always be able to resume your course from exactly where you last logged off on the previous occasion, unless you ensure you retain and keep open the browser containing your course, and use this browser containing your course to continue your course, otherwise this may mean you will be required to repeat a number of slides. We recommend you do your course and exam in one sitting

Also note that the exams are timed and must be completed within the specified time for the selected course.You will have to complete and pass the exam before your can print off a certificate.

7. Ensure you have a suitable wi fi / internet connection before proceeding with your chosen course otherwise your progress may be lost and you will have to recommence the course from where you last successfully saved your progress, subject to the comments made in 6. above. A warning sign will be displayed in the learning management system if your wi fi / internet connection is poor.